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Royal Rumble Celebration

Exciting stuff for Royal Rumble weekend

If you didn’t know, the dead man’s digging graves and taking names in this year’s Royal Rumble. We can’t dig graves or take names since that’d be a super weird thing for a video game to do, but we can at least celebrate the Undertaker’s latest Royal Rumble ride with a special limited time in-game experience.

Starting on Jan 27 @ 12AM Pacific until Jan 30 @ 12AM Pacific, we’ll be offering the following:

  • Double Picks in Royal Rumble mode
  • A random chance to grab a limited edition Undertaker Ultimate card off the draft board (must be in ULT tier to pull)
  • A badass Undertaker Card Back (starting on January 27th until the current Rewards period ends)
  • Several chances to get the new LE Undertaker card from our Twitter account