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Season 3 of WWE SuperCard will be available in November, 2016. A lot of you read between the lines¬†and divined this yourselves, but we figured why not make it official? We’re obviously very excited to be able to get this out there. The team at SuperCard HQ have been working turbo hard and it’s nice to see that date on paper. Er, Internet paper. E-paper? Whatever this is. This paper with text on it.

S3 is all about competition and bringing together WWE SuperCard’s content into a cohesive package. In S3, we want you to be able to say that you’re the best in the world and then prove it. We also want to lay down meaningful spaces for all of the game’s legacy content.

Today we’re happy to confirm the brand new features S3 has coming at you.

  • Wild and Ranked are the headliners this Season. Combined, they let you play how you want and with what card selection you want. Wild is presented in a No DQ format, allowing for Legacy cards, S2 cards, and our new S3 cards to be played together in open competition. Ranked features a LIVE environment where you can compete and play against other actual, real players. You pick a card. They pick a card. The best deck wins.
  • Royal Rumble (surprise!) is also a new mode this Season, allowing for you to pit 15 of your best cards against another player’s 15 best cards in a battle to be the last one standing.
  • Money in the Bank, Ring Domination, People’s Champion Challenge, King of the Ring, and Road to Glory are all carrying over to S3. And, yes, your S2 cards will be playable across all this in addition to Ranked, Wild, and Royal Rumble mode.

Over the next few weeks leading into launch, we’ll be detailing S3’s features over here. Tell us what you think about the new look and feel free to fire us Q’s on social.


HOT NEWS ALERT: SummerSlam Fusions are coming to WWE SuperCard starting on October 12, 2016. We’ve been assured by our social media team that this round of Fusions didn’t leak within seconds after the initial SummerSlam update, so we’re hoping this is a huge surprise. Like, one of those surprise party surprises. Except with more flexing. And a lot more baby oil. Also, cards.

Like all Fusion cards, SummerSlam Fusions are a great way to move up the ranks and improve your deck across events or Exhibition. For this Fusions roster, we wanted to shake things up by showcasing active and former NXT champions. The list include Bo Dallas, Asuka, Sami Zayn, and more.

We’re guessing you probably know the deal by now, but if you’re new to Fusions you can hit up this post to learn how they work. We’ll be showing off some of the cards on social media today, too. Let us know how surprised you were!